This Site

The main function of this site is to share with you some of our other sites or sites we like and use to generate an online income. This is NOT a typical make money online site showing you how to click a few buttons and become stupidly rich. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices. I personally worked a minimum of 12 hours a day for the last few years and even now that I have grown this business to making a lot of money, it still takes a lot of hard work and determination to succeed.

So we are going to talk through some of the basics here and may eventually grow this site to be a great online resource for people to find things to help them in their journey.

You may be lucky to find this site as we are not actively marketing this site nor do we think that we will, it is more of a base really with some logs on what we have done or are going to do.

Getting Started

We started with very little, in fact nearly nothing in our bank account and a dream. We had money to last a month but had been trolling online looking at the best ways to make money.

So from nothing we had a few things to help us succeed, knowledge and a PLAN.

Getting a site up

First thing you should do is get a site published. What type of site? Anything you have an interest and think you can make some money from. Also you should think about some content as this is the grounding for your site, making content that people will like and provide some service or information.

I recommend registering a simple website name (not like this one). If your site and interest was about athletics (we will keep this theme for this example) then maybe something catchy and simple like or or something like that (I have not even checked if they are registered!).

Then get some cheap shared hosting (you can always upgrade it if you start getting a ton of traffic) and upload a WordPress theme, they are simple to install and use. This site and most of our sites use WordPress as the CMS.


Next is a very important thing to think about, content. This is the backbone of your site and if you want visitors then this has got to be good. Google loves good unique content and they want it to be interesting to your customers. Think about it, if you searched in Google for an athletics term and came to your site would it be good and interest you. The answer should be yes and if it is not then you are doing something wrong.

Plan your content out and think about subjects you can use. So for athletics I would have a page or post about each event, starting with Olympic events then doing some Indoor events etc. You can write rules for them, some interesting facts about them.

Just think about things that people will be interested in and what you would enjoy reading about. Some things I would think about writing are;

The list could go on forever really as there are always things happening. With this type of blog/site I would use my own opinions and personality as this is a good reason why people will decide to follow your site.

On Site SEO

You can include an SEO plugin to the site like Yoast or something similar but try not to overdo it.

Interlinking your site pages is always worth doing. So for example if you were talking about a race with Usain Bolt then link to his bio page with his name. If you refer to his last race where he won, then link to that news article you did.

I don’t think you can overdo interlinking within the site, as long as it is relevant and fits. Do not try to make your content fit around you wanting to link to something just use it as and where it works.

Linking out to sites with authority will also be good for your site. So if you are talking about the announcement of the next Olympic venue then link to the Olympics main site or even if they have a post about who won, then link to that.

Headers can be important so try to make them catchy and stand out, plus make sure they are relevant to what you are talking about.


Getting traffic to your site is vital for it to making money, if nobody comes then it is pointless.

The first thing you should think about is to buy website traffic. You can do this in bulk and specify your niche and area in the world. It is a great and cheap way to get lots of real visitor to your site and get them to share this with their friends. We have used this really well to help get things going.

Sometimes this will work that well that it snowballs and gets more people visiting so we continue to buy traffic every week or month.

Alternatively you can buy Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic. This can be done using Google’s Adsense where you put up a text advert targeting your niche and drive people to your site. This can be a lot more costly and you need to think about if this is going to bring you profit. Even if you can get this to break even then it will work well as you may get people coming back to your site, increase peoples awareness and make money in the future.

Designing your site

Make sure you have a nice header made, either buy it or do it yourself. Something that is catchy and creates a theme on your site. Look at ours on this site, it is not great but it is to the point and sometimes this can be better than something over flashy.

Make or buy website banners to help with your advertising. You may have friends with sites or even want to approach other sites to see if you can put a banner there to increase its visibility. They can even be used with Google Adsense.

Monetize your site

There are so many ways that you can do this, from selling advertising space to companies that approach you or via a broker or just put up some Google Adsense where other site owners pay Google to advertise on your site and you get a cut.

Depending on your site you may also want to sell products yourself, use Amazon to sell, sell a related service or sell other peoples products and get a but of this.

Really for this there are virtually unlimited options, just think what you want to do and search online for something that relates to it.

Off Site SEO

Again this is a vast area to cover and probably too much for me to go through this here. I will give some ideas what you can do as a bit of an overview.

This is mainly down to people linking to your website. The more people that link to you the better. Depending on your content and value you bring on your site, ideally you will get people linking to you naturally, but you need to be seen first so need to get this started.

Here are some things you can do but please think about your audience. If you have a site about things local then you need to target sites that are about that area so global site will not be that helpful or relevant;

It is important to do this all manually and not overdoing this as it will be obvious to Google that you are trying to manipulate their system. Essentially this is needed and they know this so as long as you don’t buy a million links from random sites online you should be okay (buying links is against what they recommend so if you do this and get caught then you may never rank).


Social signals can not only help your rankings but also get you a lot of visitors. I know some sites that get more visitors through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc than they do from Google!!

It all really depends on the type of site you have and whether people will want to follow it. Things like gossip, jokes, news are things that people will follow. So having the athletics site you can put updates on about championships, medal winners etc and people will like it.


So if you want to start doing this then follow the basic outline above and get started getting content on your site. It is worth doing this along side a job you have and slowly build your site as the age of your site can help you ranking in Google. Do not delay, the sooner you get this done the better.

The more money you want to make the more effort you need to put in. The more time you spend on this then the more experience you will gain and tricks you can pick up.

Do not be disheartened if your first site is a failure, just take what you learned and try again with something better and learn from what didn’t work.